Adomania : Niveau 3 Livre de l'élève + CD-ROM

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It focuses on the teen experience, with visual, written, and oral documents, as well as a Cultures page inspired by teen magazines.

· It has clear and contextualized work on Language, a double page for students to practice, and an assessment per stage + preparation for the Delf exam every two stages.

· Easy to use, with a short and varied structure for each lesson: 1 lesson = 1 double-page · It helps students improve their reading and writing in levels 3 and 4, long documents, literary texts, and writing workshops in the workbook

· As a bonus, an original video documentary (16 sequences) on the life of French middle school students (levels 1 and 2) and 20 authentic videos with teen appeal (levels 3 and 4), with resource sheets to download from the TV5MONDE website.

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