NEW Cambridge Global English Learner’s Book with Digital Access Stage 6

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  • With international cross-curricular topics, from art and architecture to gadgets and inventions, the series helps your class develop the skills to study across the curriculum in English. Packed with literature and games, the course helps your learners become confident communicators. Step-by-step writing activities with models support them to develop their writing, while tip boxes help with language and skills. Each unit ends with a ‘Project Challenge’ where learners work together on cross-curricular projects like a quiz or infographic, developing collaboration and critical thinking skills.


    • The ‘Getting started’ feature at the start of each session gets your learners thinking and talking about what they already know

    • Vocabulary boxes highlight important topic-specific words 

    • ‘Language detective’ provides clear, learner-friendly explanations of key grammar rules

    • ‘Look what I can do’ and ‘Check your progress’ sections in each unit help your learners reflect on what they have learnt. Together with learning objectives and ‘Getting Started’ this delivers an Assessment for Learning approach.

    • Access video on Digital Classroom and find audio and answers in the teacher’s resource. You can also access audio in the Digital Learner’s Book


      • Each unit is structured as follows:
      • Unit Opener with video and learning objectives
      • 1. Think About It with topic vocabulary
      • 2. Cross-Curricular lesson with Use of English and Critical Thinking
      • 3. Talk About It with oracy skills
      • 4. Write About It takes a process writing approach with models
      • 5. Read & Respond with international literature or poetry
      • 6. Project Challenge develops 21st Century Skills
      • Look What I Can Do for Assessment for Learning.

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