NEW Cambridge Global English Workbook with Digital Access Stage 6

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  • With varied activities – including quizzes and word searches – these workbooks help your learners practise and consolidate what they have learnt. The activities also support the reading, writing and Use of English strands of the Cambridge English as a Second Language Primary curriculum framework. This new edition provides more grammar practice with a short grammar presentation, followed by activities differentiated into three tiers: Focus, Practice and Challenge. Ideal for use in the classroom or for homework.


    • Process writing pages consolidate your learners’ knowledge of text types including literature 

    • Three-tiered grammar exercises offer practice opportunities to suit the needs of every learner

    • Varied activity types keep learners interested

    • Write-in for ease of use

    • Answers for all activities can be found in the accompanying teacher’s resource


    • Each unit is structured as follows:
    • 1. Think About It to reinforce vocabulary
    • 2. Use of English A to present and reinforce language and to challenge learners 3. Use of English B to present and reinforce language and to challenge learners
    • 4. Write About It takes a process writing approach with language support
    • 5. Read & Respond including creative writing
    • Check Your Progress for Assessment for Learning
    • Reflection.

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