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Tips to Encourage a Reluctant Reader.

There are all sorts of reasons why kids may be unwilling to read. These reasons vary from lack of interest, difficulty reading, or a negative association with reading. Regardless of the cause, find below useful tips that can change your child’s reading journey.

Get them illustrated books in their Interests. 

It may sound obvious, but children are more likely to read when they find stories about things, they find fascinating. Keep in mind that every child is unique so the question you need to ask yourself is what does my child find interesting? Once you discover it, try to get illustrated books in that Genre. For instance, if your child loves football, why not get a football comic book? 

For boys, books like Sea Quest or a relatable, comics like The Goozillas. For girls, stories like Dock DairiesJacqueline Wilson books are more relatable for them. The point is to get them to read no matter how little for a start.

Keep Reading Aloud

Reading together can be a way of sharing responsibility and helps you to get a sense of what is hard for your child. Also, children can understand text considerably above their level when it is read to them, so select more challenging texts and “read out” to your child. For the reader who is having difficulty, you are opening a window on topics and texts beyond the child’s current reach.

You can also share the reading task by having your child “echo read”—read aloud after you, or by having your child “chime in”. There are several children books that can be used for a read-aloud time. 

Based on the Book or the Movie

Encourage your children by introducing books that also have movies. Having them retell the plot and describe the characters to build their sense of narration, story, and general comprehension skills. Also, make them note differences between the book and the movie.  There are several books that have been turned to movies classic examples are, Diary of a wimpy Kid, A series of unfortunate events, The Middle School Series.

Interactive Is Interesting

Use the Internet with your child to explore a subject they enjoy. There are several digital resources that are filled with educational games, e-books and activities that children will be very eager to explore; one of such online resources is Purple Mash.


In your spare time, are you picking up books, magazines, or newspapers to read? 

As parents, you are your child’s first role model and children naturally model our behaviors, so be aware of how much time you spend on your mobile phone or computer around them and make a point of letting them see you read for fun and relaxation on a regular basis. In the beginning, they might just be imitating you but after a while, it would become a habit. 

Please feel free to share your comments on tips for other parents to learn from.

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Good read!

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